To determine the discriminative ability of PRISM III scoring system in predicting mortality in children admitted to PICU.

Prospective observational study in all children 1 month to 12 years of age admitted to PICU during July2017 to June2018.

Out of 250 patients admitted in the PICU, 133 were male & 117 were female. In the age group of 1 month to 12 months, 30(22.22%) expired while in 12 months to 12 years,18(11.65%) expired. Due to respiratory system involvement, mortality was 24(16.43%), due to central nervous system 8(17.39%) and septicemia 12(46.15%) . At 12 hours of admission, 214 patients had PRISM score 0 to 4, out of which 14 expired. 17 patients had score of 5 to 9, out of which 15 expired.19 patients had score >10 having 100% mortality. PRISM 24 score was taken 12 hours after the 1st score. 216 patients had PRISM score between 0 to 4, out of which 14 expired. 8 patients had score of 5 to 9 & 26 patients had score >10, out of which all expired.

Since mortality rises with increase in PRISM 3 score at the time of admission, PRISM III score can be taken as an indicator of the initial severity of illness. PRISM III can help in selecting sick children for PICU admission and optimum utilization of limited PICU resources.